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Meet the owner of Luscious Lucy and what sets her and her products apart.

Meet Mandy Byrne

A Sister , Auntie, Loyal Friend And Proud Mother

Mandy was born and raised in Dublin Ireland. Where she currently owns and runs Luscious Lucy a successful retailer of waist training and fitness accessories with a brilliant reputation.

From a young age she has always been a part of her local community and has helped in a multitude of ways being part of civic defence, youth clubs and a youth worker. She now uses her vast amount of fitness and health knowledge to help all women improve their shape and feel comfortable in their own skin regardless of size or shape.

Mandy cares for others a lot more than herself sometimes. At a point in her life where she felt a little worse for wear and out of shape she took her son to the gym to go swimming she suddenly felt at home it was a perfect place to learn, improve yourself and make new friends. From this point she never looked back, the gym became a perfect place to spend her spare time, she tried to fit her training in between raising her son, her youth work and helping the local community.

Set your goals

Training in the gym was great but Mandy is a passionate and driven woman she wanted more she had a goal she set for herself after seeing her brothers compete in body building competitions, She wanted to not only do it also but be the best. She knew doing this while helping the community and raising a son would be hard but she is a big believer in getting out what you put in.

After months of training and meeting a life long friend Mandy was ready to compete in her first big competition she placed in her first two competitions however did not come where she wanted. Mandy wanted more she wanted to be the best so she worked, researched, trained and tried again. In less than a year since those two competitions she placed 2nd in Miss Ireland 2014! but again this wasn’t enough Mandy had a passion and drive she wanted to become number one and new she could achieve it if she worked hard enough.


In 2016 Mandy placed first in Miss Ireland Trained Tone Figure she achieved what she wanted to but she didn’t stop she then went on to represent her country in Miss Universe were she placed an amazing 4th!

What an amazing story of work ethic and dedication a woman who gave so much to her community and family finally was rewarded by achieving her goals. Mandy believes she can help all women also a achieve their goals this has drove her since to explore her new passions and Luscious Lucy.

Helping Women look the way they want

Despite Mandy’s success she felt unhappy with her appearance, she wanted to look more feminine a problem a lot of women have. She was recommended a waist trainer by a friend and used it religiously despite achieving the figure she wanted with a waist trainer and a well prepared eating and exercise plan she couldn’t help but think how many flaws there were with her waist trainer and how she new she could improve them with her vast fitness knowledge. The Lucy waist Trainer was born. The Lucy waist trainer has been designed by Mandy to give women a tool to help them achieve their ideal figure. Her waist trainer is extremely high quality and designed for results without sacrificing any comfort. Sourcing only the best materials and manufactures the Lucy waist trainer has become a run away success in Ireland.

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